CommuniChi ~ A Community Acupuncture Clinic in Seattle

Acupuncture for the 99%

CommuniChi is a community acupuncture clinic located in the Mount Baker neighborhood of Seattle, offering affordable acupuncture on a sliding scale of $25 - $65, plus a $10 first visit charge; cash or check only. As of Jan 1, 2014, the clinic has moved to 2109 31st Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98144. 

What is community acupuncture? How can it benefit me? Why is this being called "health care for the 99 percent?" Learn the answers to these questions and more in the short video on the left (note: this was filmed at the old location).  Then explore this website and contact me for an appointment or with any questions. Se Habla español(pdf).  Nuestro YouTube video en español.



What Is Different About CommuniChi?

I treat in a relaxed, wi-fi free, plant filled community space,  offering high quality acupuncture at affordable rates ~  That's the essence of CommuniChi.  In order to make acupuncture affordable for you and still make a living, I focus directly on the problem without asking unnecessary questions, relying on my extensive experience to treat you.  >Read More

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What Clients Say


"Have you been interested in getting acupuncture, but haven't found time or money to do it? Come with me to CommuniChi Acupuncture Clinic on July 2nd. They are awesome and it's so relaxing! Let me know if you wanna go, we can do a fun carpool over and maybe some dinner after!" ---N.P.
"I’ve seen so many doctors, so many hospitals, so many good doctors and really caring people too, but never the sense of consistency that I get here as far as healing itself." ---R.M.
"My four children and I have been going to accupuncture for many years, and have found it has helped or even cured many ailments and dis-eases - many considered chronic (epilepsy, asthma and lupus to name three).  While I would recommend a much more vigorous and comprehensive regimen of accupuncture for actual 'curing' of dis-ease, regular treatments WILL ease symptoms, and KEEP you healthy.  My four children and I are very comfortable at Communichi.  I fall asleep every time during my treatment - it truly has an amazing atmosphere!  I go all winter to prevent the winter blues I get here, as I am a transplant from  a much sunnier locale. Appointments are super simple to make on-line, and they e-mail a reminder to you. I highly recommend Communichi to everyone.  Enjoy your healthy future!” ---T.K., Mother of Four
"I had been having a lot of health problems for several months - anxiety, depression, lots of anger, insomnia. I did not want to take pills and could not afford to pay much money. When I heard about the affordable service at CommuniChi, I decided to try. Today, I have been receiving acupuncture at CommuniChi once or twice a week for a few months and am feeling much more in balance. Thank you for this excellent and affordable service to the community." (M.F. - mother; translated from Spanish)


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