Chinese Medicine and Allergies

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Allergies Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine is always understood in the context of an inter-relationship between the external environment and the internal health of the person – body and mind. External factors like excess heat, dryness, damp, wind, cold, pollen, smoke, dust, chemicals in the environment and certain foods can become […]

New Service Offering at CommuniChi – Focused Hands-On Energy Healing

This morning, a person suffering from Long Covid – an instance where the Coronavirus becomes deeply embedded in the individual’s body – presented with extreme anxiety. While acupuncture can definitely be effective in such situations, it is also true that for some individuals, needle stimulation can increase anxiety. So we decided instead to try a […]

Spring 2023 Clinic Update

Dear Patrons and Friends of CommuniChi, May this find you healthy and happy. As I enter my 25th year as a licensed acupuncturist in Washington state, it is my privilege to continue to serve you and the community. As you may have noticed, I am slowing down a little bit, transitioning to three days a […]

Lindsey Youngquist, M.D. Integrative Health

Medicine is always evolving as new generations of health practitioners establish practices and bring fresh approaches to the community. I am pleased to share that Lindsey Youngquist, M.D. (she/her) is practicing integrative health in Seattle.   Integrative health combines the analytical tools of conventional, allopathic care with the holistic insights and modalities of a broad range […]

Mental health recharge (March 17-22)

The world never stops but we can at any time. I do every day – snatching a quiet reflective breath whenever I think of it, or perhaps 20 minutes before breakfast. But sometimes, it is good to take more time, to go deeper, to spend time with your loved ones so that relationships are fresh and alive and not running on AI.

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