Wilderness Time Out

More climate disasters – locally the new tree ordinance doesn’t protect 99% of the few remaining large native trees in Seattle, while allowing developers to profit. More record heat and whiffs of wildfire smoke in the air. Globally, fires (Maui), heat waves (Europe), floods (New England). It’s a lot to take in and process and …

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Bike Hike Wilderness Musings in Olympic National Park

We left Seattle at 5am after three(?) weeks of climate change smoke prison in Seattle and more sedentary time indoors than usual. There was a hint of clearer air quality out in the Olympics so my wife and I decided to go for it. It’s almost 10 miles to the hot springs from the Madison …

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Reflections from the Trail – Elwha River 2022

I often tell my clients that we spend too much time up in our heads in modern life, not fully present in our bodies and the full range of sensory experience. As we juggle work, family and a seemingly endless to-do list, we often rush through our lives without stopping to see the beauty that …

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Mental Health Day in the Snowy Mountain Paradise – Mount Teneriffe

Last week, this body was enduring pain due to too much heavy lifting and gardening. A little secret – a good long walk naturally adjusts the spine, bringing it into alignment.  As usual, I always check the forecast before heading out into the mountains – morning showers in North Bend.  Not too bad I figured …

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Skyline 2021

Only a month ago, after a 2 day hike out to 3 Prune Lake and back (~22 miles), which brought up health challenges, I decided to return to the same beautiful area of Olympic National Park in order to complete the Skyline loop. Our planned itinerary was out the Big Creek Trail to Three Prune …

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CommuniChi Spring 2021 Updates

I haven’t written for a while, so I wanted to share an update on the clinic, and other actions I’ve been involved with. The clinic is open and I am safely seeing clients in a socially distanced manner. That’s it for the clinic update! If you’re on information overload and just want to skip to …

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High Divide 9.20.2020

3:45 a.m. The Milky Way twinkles silently over head. Restless sleep in the back of Hotel Prius, but small admission price to pay for entrance into one of the last large tracts of wilderness left on the planet. I heat some oat meal in a pot next to the car and by 4:45 a.m., I …

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Skyline Mountain Meditation

To be a good acupuncture practitioner, it’s important to recharge and balance your energy from time to time. Fortunately, our planet still has wild places where the energies are pure and undisturbed.  I tried to capture that energy in this film that I made from a trip I made in Olympic National Park in late …

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A Day in the Enchantments

When you’ve identified a positive goal that you want to achieve in life. Figure out what you need to do to accomplish it and then go do it!

Unplugged – A Winter Walk in the Woods

A few days ago, I started a Facebook page called Green New Data. It’s about the need to balance our wireless technology with our health and the greater natural environment. Check it out if you are interested. Meanwhile, I sought my own inner balance today, in the solitude and beauty of the forest at Cougar …

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