Telehealth Consultations and Community Meditation with Jordan Van Voast, L.Ac.

Dear Friends, I hope this finds you healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Although the acupuncture clinic is closed due to COVID-19, I am still here to support you and this community and am excited to offer new opportunities for optimizing your health during this challenging time. While I am unable to offer acupuncture at this time, East Asian medicine encompasses a much vaster universe of modalities than poking people with needles. I am now open for telehealth visits, offering health and lifestyle suggestions using the principles of Chinese medicine and nutrition, as well as guided meditation...

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Healing Ourselves, Our World, during COVID-19

Dear CommuniChi patrons and friends, We are living through an unprecedented time of uncertainty. Although CommuniChi has closed its doors until the COVID-19 public health emergency is over, I send prayers for your well being and offer these reflections for your physical/emotional health, and spiritual nourishment. And I invite your questions and concerns if I may be of any assistance via email or phone. First the basics in brief, and apologies if this is repetitious for most, but we can’t emphasize it enough. The coronavirus is highly contagious and still multiplying rapidly in most...

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Enhanced Public Health Protocols at CommuniChi

3.15.20 – UPDATE – COMMUNICHI CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE – will reassess in 2 weeks. Stay safe everyone. Minimize non-essential contact. Dear Friends and Patrons of CommuniChi, In this time of unprecedented public health challenge due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, acupuncture can be of great benefit in boosting the immune system and thereby protecting oneself from disease, reducing anxiety and fear, and enhancing an overall sense of well being. These are important benefits for oneself, one’s family and friends, and one’s community, as we all grapple...

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Letter to Seattle Public Schools Superintendent, Doctor Larry Nyland on WiFi in Public Schools

Dear Dr. Nyland, I am excited that my daughter will be attending a Seattle public school next year.  I was particularly impressed by Principal Wiley’s introduction at a recent open house at Franklin High School.  I am a strong believer in public education. However, I am concerned about the health effects of WiFi, particularly for children whose cellular metabolism is more rapid than adults, and who are thus more vulnerable to molecular and DNA damage due to the intense and continuous exposure that radio-frequency radiation presents. Seattle Public Schools is conducting an experiment of...

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The People Speak out Against Coal – Seattle, June 21, 2016

At the Federal Coal Leasing Program Hearing at the Seattle Sheraton. It is 7:45 a.m. and there is already a line of 60 or so people to sign up as speakers.  The Bureau of Land Management is holding a “scoping hearing”, seeking public input on whether to continue the pause in coal leases on public lands instituted by Interior Dept. Secretary, Sally Jewell in January 2016. With global climate targets already bumping up against the (dangerously high) two degrees of additional warming allowed under the Paris Climate Summit, a record breaking warm spring in the northern hemisphere,...

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Break Free from Fossil Fuels May 13-15, 2016 – Global Day of Resistance

“What is something you learned today”? Eric, my “kayaktivist” brother poses a question to the closing circle of our training. There are about a dozen of  us who’ve come together six weeks in advance of a global day of fossil fuel resistance, “skilling up” so that we can safely and effectively confront the titans of industry and their legal enforcers as the battle to save the planet heats up. People share about how empowering it is to work together in community, how beautiful life is. When it is my turn to share, I reflect on how I took a couple of...

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