Journey to the Far Shore

CommuniChi Panorama1.cmpIt was twilight or maybe midnight. There was no sense of time. Perhaps I was only watching a movie. My mind was riveted by the impending alignment of cosmic forces – two stars in the heavens orbiting closer to a perfect eclipse. In a few moments, a passageway to immortality would open. I called my wife and two children so they could witness and enter the door to enlightenment. But….wait a minute….I only have one child. How could this be?

CommuniChi Fish.cmpAh – but so-called ‘normal’ reality is just a dream, and sometimes our dream-time is the higher truth. I do not see the second child in my dream, but guess that she represents all other sentient life in the universe.

 Celestial orbs – light years distant – suddenly align on a cosmic meridian. A shaft of light beams down from the heavens to a spot on the floor at my feet. A sensation of bliss and unity fills my mind and I realize now it is time to die, or rather, move on to the next moment. There is no death or life ultimately. Only a succession of moments in consciousness with many changes in costume, interspersed by a changing of flesh and bones for something more subtle, the bardo between illusion-like lives.

 As I am letting go, there is no sense of grief, loss, confusion. I am a drop of water, merging with the ocean. I am the earth merging with the sky at the horizon. Transformation complete, my eyes open. I am in my bed in the middle of the night. The throat is thirsty, but the mind does not thirst for anything right now. I bathe awareness in the experience, now moments pasboat far shore besto.cmpt. Is there really a past and a future? The future soon becomes the past. Every experience we’ve ever had (and will have) is living inside of us in the present moment – stored like fragile jeweled cocoons spun out beyond the multi-billion neuronal galaxy where subatomic matter becomes pure mind-energy.

 The stars continue their alignment inside the fathom long space of my body – wheeled orbs of energy – chakras connecting meridians through which the life force – chi – flows. The stars are within us. Indeed, the very elements of our body are created in the death throes of stars – supernovas. Death is life is death. Light into darkness into light.

And now it is morning again. Time to trade in night dreams for day dreams. Time to decide what to do with this brief candle burning quickly down the wick. Yes, we have our work, our career, our family responsibilities and some leisure – at least for anyone still reading this. But what’s the motive force propelling us through our worldly dramas? Where is the alignment – and what is stopping us from merging with that? See you at the sunset.cmp

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