Finding stability amidst radical change

We live in an era of radical change. The daily challenges we face to remain healthy in these turbulent times are intense. Communichi’s vision is to facilitate health through acupuncture, so that together we can remain balanced and strong, and thus empowered to do the work of building a better world….so that nobody is without healthy food or clean water…. so that everyone has access to quality health care, education, housing, justice, natural and spiritual resources….so that no people suffer oppression or material want….so that all creatures in Nature are respected and the Earth itself is cared for like an only child….so that a candle of hope burns brightly for our children who will inherit the world we create.

That’s a lot of intention beaming through the tip of every needle. If we aspire to co-create a healthy world for our children, the energetic template for health – in our geo-political structures as well as the Earth ecosystem itself – is first created within our individual lives. It all comes back to intention.

I love to write because ever it brings me back to the silence of the heart, the place where intention flows forth, enabling the language of the heart to become visible, heard, understood. May these words, and all those which flow afterwards, be always meaningful and beneficial to all beings.

So that’s a little of what we are about. The blog is our virtual community, connecting each of us to the vision and energy of the Communichi clinic. Please feel free to comment on any post if you feel so moved. Last but not least, please come check out our Seattle clinic in the Beacon Hill neighborhood! That’s where you can plug into Communichi directly, bypassing the awkwardness of words and entering into a profound resonance with your innate mind-body intelligence, the place from which all peace and healing flows.

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