Ingalls Lake – October 8

What a magical place. Some lament the increasingly crowded trails, though on the flip side, it is good to see so many people connecting with nature. We took a side trip that added an extra 2 miles and 1500 feet of vertical climbing and saw very few people until reaching the lake, though please use caution in the backcountry and know your abilities before venturing into new areas.

Dawn’s glow on nearby peaks as we approach Longs Pass
Mount Stuart from Longs Pass
Golden hour
Goddess of Moss
Descending from Longs Pass – the first section was sketchy!
Ascending from Ingalls Camp to Stuart Pass beneath Mount Stuart
Boulder field beneath Mount Stuart
Headwaters of Jack Creek basin – looking north at an old burn from Stuart Pass
Jack Crerek basin, old burn, and Glacier Peak in the distance
Traversing from Stuart Pass to Lake Ingalls – via the unmaintained ridge trail (invisible at times and quite sketchy in places).
Lake Ingalls and Mount Stuart
Peak larch color in Headlight Basin
photo credit Warren Wambsganss –

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