Introducing My Nhung Kolb, MS, EAMP, LAC

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Jordan will be in Mexico City offering acupuncture at free clinics from November 18 to 25. More on that in my next post. In his absence, My Nhung Kolb, MS, EAMP, LAC, will be offering acupuncture at CommuniChi on Friday, November 22 from 2pm to 7pm (please book your appointment online). My Nhung is the only American born child of her immigrant parents from Viet Nam.  She grew up with her two older brothers in Suquamish and moved to Seattle when she was eighteen to study at the University of Washington.

In 2005, My Nhung traveled with her parents to Viet Nam and was able to meet the rest of her family for the first time.  On this trip she also met an acupuncturist who came to treat her mother twice a day for digestive issues. For years, back in the states, her mother had tried western medicine with little help.  But the acupuncture was different. It seemed to help her mom.  This first encounter sparked My Nhung’s curiosity in acupuncture.

From a young age, My Nhung always knew she wanted to help people, she just wasn’t sure what it would look like.  After having a handful of really fun jobs, she knew it was time to get more serious about a fulfilling career. In 2016, she graduated with a master’s degree in Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine from Bastyr University.  She is currently seeing patients privately, but is also very passionate about community acupuncture. She believes in affordable healthcare for everyone. She works regularly at Sloth Around Community Acupuncture in White Center and will open her private practice in early 2020.

My Nhung really enjoys traveling, food, and the outdoors.  She loves riding her bike, spending time with family and friends, and just recently took up surfing.  You can also find her welding in SODO, where she and her husband own a metal fabrication shop.  Please welcome My Nhung to CommuniChi!


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