Letter to Seattle Public Schools Superintendent, Doctor Larry Nyland on WiFi in Public Schools

Dear Dr. Nyland,

I am excited that my daughter will be attending a Seattle public school next year.  I was particularly impressed by Principal Wiley’s introduction at a recent open house at Franklin High School.  I am a strong believer in public education.

However, I am concerned about the health effects of WiFi, particularly for children whose cellular metabolism is more rapid than adults, and who are thus more vulnerable to molecular and DNA damage due to the intense and continuous exposure that radio-frequency radiation presents.

Seattle Public Schools is conducting an experiment of unprecedented scale, needlessly subjecting our children to WiFi (a practical and safe alternative is and has always been available in the form of wired networks), ignoring the growing body of evidence which urges caution.

The decision to move forward with universal in-school WiFi was not thoroughly reviewed by the OSPI in my opinion.  I was one of those who submitted detailed comments during the review process. Our comments, including extensive bibliographies from scientific journals, was summarily dismissed by the State in an apparent gift to the lobbyists of the telecommunications industry

I am concerned, not only for my own child, but for all children, especially those who may suffer from a variety of pre-existing stressors – socioeconomic, racial, nutritional, environmental, etc. – thus making them more prone to adverse health reactions and consequent learning disorders,  due to the toxic effects of radio-frequency radiation.

Please reconsider this decision. If you are unwilling at present to examine the growing body of science which supports a view based on the precautionary principle, please consider reviewing your decision in light of the never ending budget crisis that public schools face. WiFi could rapidly expand that segment of the student population with symptoms requiring special education. That part of SPS budget could be on the verge of exploding.

References:  http://www.bioinitiative.org/

Thank you,

Jordan Van Voast, M.Ac., L.Ac.

Licensed Acupuncturist

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