Mental health recharge (March 17-22)

Dear CommuniChi Patrons and Friends,

The clinic will be closed March 17-22. My last day will be March 15 and I will be back in clinic on March 24. In my twenties, I began to wonder about the purpose of life – is to accumulate possessions, just party and have a good time, make lots of money, achieve fame and reputation?

In my thirties, I met my first Buddhist teacher and restarted my meditation practice which I had begun in high school. And I eventually found my answer – the meaning of life (for me) is developing wisdom and serving all sentient beings (not just humans, but any living creature no matter how big or tiny). I have talked and dreamed with whales, bonded with little birds and bugs, and of course, been fortunate to meet so many delightful humans of all ages.

We live in challenging times of rapid change, externally, and internally. My own father entered hospice today at age 94. My daughter turns 20 in another week and is suddenly a young woman. How do I stay balanced on the wave of life, staying true to my ideals. I need time. We all do. The world never stops but you can at any time. I do every day – snatching a quiet reflective breath whenever I think of it, or perhaps 20 minutes before breakfast. Sometimes it is useful to take more time, to go deeper, to spend time with your loved ones so that relationships are fresh and alive and not running on AI.

Thank you for the gift of allowing me to serve you. Whenever I paddle on the ocean, hike in the forest, take a walk with my wife and daughter, I do so with an intention of calming the heart, and awakening the mind, stepping away from the hustle bustle of life so that I can bring fresh chi to infuse in every acupuncture needle, and every word of our interaction. May all be peaceful and happy, safe and protected, and may all realize their true nature. I leave you with a question – what is the meaning of life for you?

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