New location as of January 1, 2014.

Dear Friends of CommuniChi,

Since January, 2014, we are no longer located in the El Centro de la Raza community center on Beacon Hill. Our new location is at 2109 31st Ave. South in the Mount Baker neighborhood (pictures below)

The Birth of a Movement.  When CommuniChi opened our doors on Feb. 1, 2007, it was the first clinic of its kind in Washington state. People routinely traveled an hour or more to receive affordable acupuncture. The community acupuncture movement has grown and now there are at least ten community clinics sprinkled across Greater Seattle.

The growth of affordable acupuncture in Seattle has been wildly successful and as an adjunct faculty member of Bastyr University, I have mentored a few dozen 3rd year students in the clinic, many of whom have gone on to open their own clinics. With the steady increase in the number of local clinics, some clients opted for clinics closer to where they live and it gradually became clear that a smaller space would be more suitable for our needs.

CommuniChi’s new space is on the ground floor (wheel chair accessible) of my home. It has four recliners on bamboo floors with lots of plants (as before), and its own separate entrance and bathroom.  Please call ahead or book an appointment online to ensure availability.

Directions and Logistics.

Bus: The #14 trolley bus stops a block away on 31st. The #8 stops four blocks away on MLK Jr. Way S. The numbers 7, 9, 48 stop six blocks away on Rainier Ave. S.

Driving: Coming from West Seattle or North Seattle, take the I-5 exit onto I-90 east. If you are coming from North Seattle, you will need to move quickly right across all lanes and take the Rainier Ave. South exit.  Then go right onto Rainier Ave. S. followed by the very first left onto Massachusetts. Follow this all the way to 31st Avenue, Massachusetts makes a bit of a jog as you climb up the hill). Turn right on 31st and drive 4.5 blocks. After passing Hill St., look for the house with multi-colored prayer flags flying from the porch. From I-90 westbound, take the Rainier Ave S. exit, left onto Massachusetts, and then as above. During morning and evening rush hour, local city streets are often faster (and less stress) than the freeway. Driving navigational apps with GPS will often quickly give you the fastest route.

Light Rail: About a 10 to 15 minute walk from the Mount Baker light rail station. Take the Pedestrian over pass across MLK and Rainier and then follow Mount Baker boulevard past Franklin High School. Turn left on 31st and walk gradually up about 7 blocks. It’s a lovely walk on mostly quiet streets.

Bicycling: From downtown or First Hill/Central District – Find your way to the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail, turn right just before entering the Mount Baker tunnel and climb up 29th Avenue S. past Bradner Gardner. Spectacular views!

                   Please park directly in front of the house (2 spaces), or a block or two away. Do not park  in front of the house to the north or south. Entrance to the space is up the driveway and round back.  (There are clear directional signs).

                   The number 14 trolley bus from downtown stops a block away to the north and south.

Please turn OFF your cell phone, or set to airplane mode before entering.  No need to knock, just open the door and take off your shoes on the tile entry way before stepping onto the bamboo floor. Take a seat if I am not there and I will be right with you.

Wheel Chair Accessibility – The driveway has a short but steep incline. If you call me when you have arrived, I would be happy to assist you.

SLIDING SCALE – $20-$40 per treatment. There is a $10 one time fee on the first visit for the evaluation/consultation process. Cash or Check only. No hidden fees. No proof of income required. Pay what you are comfortable on this scale.  I also offer a 10 treatment package with no expiration for $190.

Appointments – Due to limited seating, please plan ahead and call me or make your appointment on our website.

Please do not wear scented products. In the smaller space, please avoid wearing scented personal care products including deodorant, perfumes, colognes, and so forth. If you  are seeking treatment for smoking cessation, acupuncture works great, but please refrain from smoking before coming.

Goodbyes. Unfortunately, I am bidding adieu and farewell to my dear friends and colleagues, Sam Weng (; Lisa Maynard (206) 861-2439,; and Cynthia Soto-Gorsuch (206) 407-8002. I can’t put into words my gratitude to them, other than to say, I could not have created this healing center without them. I’ve included their contact information if you wish to seek further treatment with them.

I am deeply grateful for all friends and patrons of CommuniChi. Please come visit me in the new space. On my last day here at El Centro, I will download and pack up all the wonderful energy of Suite 301 and take it with me.

Thank you also to everyone at El Centro de la Raza, especially Elisa Miranda, Facilities Manager for accommodating my many special needs such as rescheduling the fire drills to happen during my closed hours.

We are all connected. We cannot truly be healthy and content until everyone is. Health begins with affordable access to care. CommuniChi has offered over 20,000 affordable acupuncture treatments since 2007. Make an Appointment. Thank you for your continued support. Community acupuncture is a collective endeavor. Our long term sustainability depends upon your positive referrals in the community.

Quitting Smoking Made Easier. Do you or anyone you know want to quit smoking? We offer a Quit Smoking package: $190 for 10 treatments. It works best if you use all ten sessions within 3 weeks. Join the many people who’ve used acupuncture to breathe easily again – at an affordable price. Sign up for an appointment on our website
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