New Service Offering at CommuniChi – Focused Hands-On Energy Healing

This morning, a person suffering from Long Covid – an instance where the Coronavirus becomes deeply embedded in the individual’s body – presented with extreme anxiety. While acupuncture can definitely be effective in such situations, it is also true that for some individuals, needle stimulation can increase anxiety. So we decided instead to try a different therapy involving a combination of my training in cranio-sacral therapy, acupressure, and a skill for which I have no name or credential. For lack of a better term – I call it focused -hands-on energy healing.

As a lifelong student of meditation since 1976, my daily morning practice involves sitting quietly before breakfast, calming my breathing, and thoughts, and dissolving the solid sense of a separate identity, merging my consciousness with the liberating awareness that resides within all conscious beings. Buddhists call this latent potential “Tathagatagarbha” – the intrinsically pure, unconditioned nature within all beings. But it doesn’t really matter what you call it – what matters is connecting with it. Meditation and higher states of awareness can be taught and learned and energy states can be transmitted via electrical fields and conscious resonance (more fancy terms which basically just mean “tuning in”).

Because these sessions necessitate one on one therapy and are enhanced by a quiet environment, I do not see other clients during these 30 minute attunements which I offer on a sliding scale for $75 to $150.  May all beings be peaceful and happy, safe and protected, liberated and fully awake.


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