Peace, Love, Light

20141230_081127Light is returning. Morning rays of sun illuminate the room, and my heart, reminding me of the great cycles of nature: Light and darkness. Truth and ignorance. Love and oppression. Everything moves in circles. Big circles encompassing the vastness of space and time. Small circles in our daily lives and the awareness of our breath in a single moment.

2014 is about to disappear forever.  What do we wish to take with us? Leave behind? At CommuniChi, I offer thanks to all the people (and a few dogs) who visited me in my new location for acupuncture.  As I enter my seventeenth year as a licensed acupuncturist, ever I treasure the honor of sharing in the healing journey of another living being.

All of us seek to be free of pain. Acupuncture can be a powerful key for unlocking the cycles of pain, whether simply through facilitating movement of blocked energy at a gross physical level, or greater awareness of the flow of mental and spiritual energy. Within every living being is the potential to master this flow at all levels, to be at harmony with the cosmos, and our own heart. Our heart is the cosmos.

Someone asked a spiritual friend of mine what she did for enjoyment in her spare time. Her answer:

“In order to relax, examine the mind in a way that you look at the mind and how the mind reacts to the different objects of the senses – the different objects of the eye sense power, or the different objects of the ear –  and then see how the mind actually engages in different (conceptual) imputations towards those objects. Then also realize, or think about, that the mind basically by itself – in its nature – doesn’t have to engage in those objects, and can just abide in the nature of the mind itself.” Rangjung Neljorma Khadro Namsel Drolma

A bit less cryptically – there is always a different way to view any situation. Great beauty can be found in seemingly mundane or even tragic circumstances.  Everything depends upon your perspective. Pain can be a doorway for bliss depending upon how you work with it.

I am not saying to psychologize everything into a fantasy dream world remote from the suffering of others, or your own. We live in an age of powerful social transformation. There is great suffering and need in the world now, asking us to engage with our hearts and hands.  The challenges of our world are numerous and seemingly overwhelming at times. Each one of us can contribute something though, no matter how seemingly small. It all begins with awareness of our intention.

May 2015 bring you great peace, health, love, and abundance.


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