Spring 2022 Clinic Update – Advice for Difficult Times

Happy spring! As of this blog post, the rate of COVID-19 transmission is labeled “low” by King County Department of Health,  with only 53.5 new cases per 100,000 residents in the past 7 days.  While there have been reports of new variants posing a threat in various parts of the world, these threats haven’t manifested in the Seattle area. Nonetheless, although the Governor’s indoor masking mandate has been dropped for most places, health facilities, including acupuncture clinics like CommuniChi, are still required by law to request that everyone wear a mask, except when individual treatment requirements (e.g. treating Bell’s Palsy paralysis of facial muscles) require otherwise.  Thank you for wearing an N-95 or KN-95 mask, or double masking.

The recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, on top of the climate emergency, and other social ills, have all added to the collective anxiety in the interconnected psychic sphere of our world. As a child, I remember being a young teenager during the arms race with the Soviet Union. I was scared of nuclear war, as any child would be. Gandalf once said “even the wise cannot see all ends”. My Buddhist teacher once said, “it does not matter how long it takes to get to your destination as long as you are headed in the right direction.”  The human spirit with love and compassion at its core will always endure across time and space. It will outlast even this very world, as there are countless world systems spread across infinity.

Every day, take refuge in the quiet inner space  of your mind which is always there, even as the sun is always shining above the frequently gray skies of Seattle. Whether you find that peaceful calm sanctuary in morning meditation upon rising, during acupuncture, yoga, walking the dog in a park, or even doing the dishes, this practice of returning to your home within is always there to guide and comfort you. As always, I look forward to being of service.

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