Spring 2023 Clinic Update

From left to right – my father (Peter), me, my older brother, mom (Ruth), younger brother. 1966?

Dear Patrons and Friends of CommuniChi,

May this find you healthy and happy. As I enter my 25th year as a licensed acupuncturist in Washington state, it is my privilege to continue to serve you and the community. As you may have noticed, I am slowing down a little bit, transitioning to three days a week for the foreseeable future.  My father passed away last week. I was able to be with him until his final moments – he did not appear to be in pain – and as my teacher reminded me, death is a profound reminder of impermanence. Our lives on Earth are relatively brief and of uncertain duration, so we must choose wisely if we wish to be healthy and happy, so that when death arrives, we can leave without regrets. Planting seeds of kindness and wisdom within ourselves, and in the world, is the best method I have found to live a meaningful life.

Change is everywhere and it can shake us to the core if we forget to take good care of our body and mind and neglect to stay in balance in our daily life.  It can also open doors and offer new opportunities. On that note, both the federal and state governments have declared that the emergency phase of the COVID pandemic is over. As of Monday, April 3rd, the Washington State Dept. of Health encourages but no longer requires people to mask in public health care settings.

Here at CommuniChi, I encourage you to wear a mask, especially in the entry way where you may encounter other people who could be immunocompromised, or who prefer not to be in unmasked settings. Please also remember to always wash your hands when using the restroom. As the clinic gets busier, I may on occasion see two people at a time on overlapping appointments in the larger (first room). The headrests of the chairs are more than 12 feet apart and with everyone much more mindful of the importance of cancelling appointments if they have cold symptoms, the public health safety outlook is good. I also have a 3 stage air purifier with a HEPA filter that removes viruses. Please do inform me if you wish to have a private room and I will do my best to accommodate you.

May 2023 bring you great happiness and peace.



4 thoughts on “Spring 2023 Clinic Update”

  1. Hi Jordan!

    I’m glad your father had a good death. I’ve sat with a couple of people as they transitioned when I was working as a Hospice volunteer.

    A the same time there may be some sadness for you…

    I have no intention of returning to the U.S., but I miss times with you, both personally and in your chair.

    Stay well, my friend!


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