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Acupuncture Can Heal the World

To reestablish connection and give hope to the world’s children for the future, first we must remember how to listen to our own mind, body, and spiritual heart. In doing so, ninety nine percent of the stress of modern life will often melt away and with it, much of our aches and pains (often simply internalized stress). Our ability to navigate the challenges of the future, and realize our own goals will be enhanced. This is our offer to you.

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Journey to the Far Shore

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“Smart” Meters Planned for Seattle – What Effects on the Health of our World?

As a licensed acupuncturist over the past 15 years, I’ve seen a marked increase in patients with unexplainable neurological complaints, sleep disorders, anxiety, and so forth. It seems possible that the implementation of smart meters will push many more people over the threshold of electromagnetic sensitivity, whereby their nervous and immune systems can no longer function properly.

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Chinese Poetry

Sometimes we just need a little time – either alone or with a trusted friend – to sort out our feelings, to remember what it is like to touch the earth and be touched by it, with wonder and amazement. Have you ever noticed how bees carry their nectar on their hind legs? How rhythmically they move from one flower to the next. That’s what I am talking about.

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Acupuncture Midwifery – Birthing a New World

It is not uncommon for a six or eight or ten people from all different cultures, races, ethnicities, gender identities, and other diversity markers – invisibly merging healing energy into a super-powered bubble of global healing radiating out from one little room on Beacon Hill that faces east towards the Cascade Mountains, and back again into everyone’s heart. Identities and barriers which separate people from each other – and all life – begin to break down. It’s an extraordinary event to witness and at times, I feel like I am a midwife to the birth of something huge – a healing evolution on planet Earth bringing forth the next cosmic age.

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The Supreme Riddle

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Stepping into the Circle of Healing

We were all born on this planet from mothers. We all share the same basic need for love, affection, food, clothing, clean water, shelter, and other requisites of survival. Without the love of our mothers, we wouldn’t be here. Without the food that farmers grow, we wouldn’t be here. Without the houses, roads, schools, transportation systems, technological discoveries and inventions and, importantly, without the wisdom of our elders, we might still be here, but things would be very different, probably a lot more difficult. Independence is – in a spiritual sense – quite at variance from the truth of reality.

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Community is the Heart of Health

When we raise our own healing vibration through receiving acupuncture, we assist in raising the vibration of everyone else in the room, everyone we meet as we leave the building and walk down the street, everyone in the neighborhood, city, bioregion, continent, and beyond. All the more so when we consciously cultivate an intention around healing beyond our own mind-body-spirit, but also acknowledging the wider sphere of life.

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Journey to Kailash

In my dream that night, I am holding a vajra‚ the symbol of enlightenment. I drop it by accident into the mud, and then quickly retrieve it, dipping it into a nearby waterfall. Once again the vajra shines. Innate purity is revealed. I hear a whisper: “This vajra mind is indestructible.” Don’t believe in ordinary conceptions. Question them again and again. Understand gross sense perception as just that. And ever look towards that which dwells beyond, the deathless.

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Blood Building Soup

We’re always told to eat more greens. Dark and leafy, they are good for us: Eat more! Doing so for some recalls barely palatable memories of mushy spinach. Others balk at the idea of eating greens because they’re unsure of how to prepare them. Knowing how to cook these super nourishing veggies means the difference between actually eating them and wallowing in self-recrimination.

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