Chilling out the Rice

Even when the sky seems to be falling in our world, it’s important not to lose our bearings by focusing exclusively on everything that is wrong, reminding ourselves – every day, perhaps every hour, perhaps every minute, every breath – that which is good, healthy, and conducive to hope, and connecting our own life energy to the goodness consciously. After all, we are part of this world too, and we must have done something amazing to be born here. It didn’t happen by accident. Nothing does.

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Greedy Lying Bastards

Our planet has a cancer on it and that cancer is modern human civilization. I’m part of it too. As a holistic health practitioner, I believe that the foundation of healing – whether we are discussing the body, the mind, society, or the planet – is awareness. We have to open our hearts and our minds – all of our senses, and listen within for wisdom. Then we need to act with intention and purpose. It won’t be easy to turn things around, but I’m confident that it can be done.

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