Winter Approaches – Finding Gold in Grey

Two nights ago, my father, aged 94, was pacing around much of the night, talking loudly to imagined voices. To him the voices were real, and maybe he is hearing into another dimension. Today, my body feels sleepy, heavy and tired. The sky is grey and I look out at the world, as if from …

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Healing River – Understanding the Flow of Acupuncture

One of my acupuncture teachers once, when remarking on how he works with people diagnosed with cancer said this – I look for the healthy energy within a person and find ways to support that. I think that could be a useful model for inter-personal relationships and social justice activism in general.

A Zen Pilgrimage to South Korea

Zen meditation uses koans to help one learn not to be deceived by language, or the confused mind that superimposes concrete, separate identities on things. When one learns not to be deceived by language and deceptive mental habits, there is freedom.

Peace, Love, Light

2014 is about to disappear forever. What do we wish to take with us? Leave behind?

Acupuncture Can Heal the World

To reestablish connection and give hope to the world’s children for the future, first we must remember how to listen to our own mind, body, and spiritual heart. In doing so, ninety nine percent of the stress of modern life will often melt away and with it, much of our aches and pains (often simply internalized stress). Our ability to navigate the challenges of the future, and realize our own goals will be enhanced. This is our offer to you.

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