Meditation – More than Simply Powerful Self Care

Human experience, perceived and filtered through the deeply conditioned and unconscious belief in a separate, inherently existent self, is pure fiction. The ultimate goal of meditation, from a Buddhist perspective, is to remove these faulty perceptual filters, and to free the individual from the confusion and negative consequences of being lost in delusion. Wisdom is …

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Responding to 11-9

Marching in the streets, and signing online petitions, are easy responses. Speaking out in the community, attempting to bridge ideological divides through dialogue, organizing and participating in public actions which spring from mindfulness and love, informed by a long term vision of sustainability, with awareness of our interdependence – these are the more difficult challenges of this time we live in.

The Earth Invites Us to Listen Now

What does it mean to be mindful, not merely of my breath rising and passing, sensations of the body and mind, but of my carbon footprint? My white male able bodied, naturalized citizen, English speaking privilege? What does it mean to be mindful of the suffering of sentient life due to my dietary habits and choices?

Screenagers – Thoughts on Raising Children in the Digital Age

Technology is a tool. Intention and mindfulness determines how it is used.

Acupuncture Midwifery – Birthing a New World

It is not uncommon for a six or eight or ten people from all different cultures, races, ethnicities, gender identities, and other diversity markers – invisibly merging healing energy into a super-powered bubble of global healing radiating out from one little room on Beacon Hill that faces east towards the Cascade Mountains, and back again into everyone’s heart. Identities and barriers which separate people from each other – and all life – begin to break down. It’s an extraordinary event to witness and at times, I feel like I am a midwife to the birth of something huge – a healing evolution on planet Earth bringing forth the next cosmic age.

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