Taming the Dragons – the Medical Effects of Radiation

I watched a recent Hollywood movie with my 10 year old – How to Tame Your Dragon – but I was pleasantly surprised by the plot twist which had the hero (a misfit child in his imaginary Viking culture), not slay a dragon, but tame a dragon (in order to bring down a larger dragon).

Our world and all life is facing a gigantic dragon named Fukushima Daichi right now. The situation is much more dangerous than our government has told us and what I am about to share is not particularly upbeat or inspiring. It may even scare you. I share it with you not only because I am committed to truth, regardless of personal consequences to my business or reputation, but also because there IS hope, despite the shrill note of alarm.

In Eastern Medicine, and Buddhism, there is a very wide understanding of the universe and reality which balances light with dark, death with life.  In Autumn Light, I discussed these perspectives a bit and I hope to add to that in the coming days and weeks as time permits. Meanwhile, please consider this information with care. The implications are profoundly disturbing and you may be confronted with deep level fears, grief, and willful ignorance (i.e. denial) – the inner dragons that we need to train. Please exercise care in how and with whom you share this information with. Some may laugh and regard you as a tin hatted kook and cling to their denial. Others may be unable to cope and will engage in avoidance. Children, in my opinion, should only be told what they ask about, and then only with careful consideration given to psychological and developmental age appropriateness:

The Medical Implications of Fukushima, by Helen Caldicott, M.D.

Closing thoughts: This would be a good time to consider going vegan. At the very least, you may wish to consider giving up seafood. It should also be noted that mushrooms also concentrate radioactivity. If you read the linked article by Dr. Caldicott – radiation bio accumulates and concentrates up the food chain. Recent reports in the alternative media have estimated that the wedge of radiation moving across the Pacific from the hundreds of thousands of tons of radioactive water discharged at Fukushima – will likely reach the west coast of the Americas in about a year.

However, the silence from our own U.S. agencies – EPA, FDA, NOAA is deafening. FDA is in fact in the process of dramatically raising the allowable levels of radiation during “radiological incidents”. (See my blog: Fukushima – Nuclear Genie out of the Bottle.)  Please consider contacting your local Congressional Representative, as well as the Governor’s office, and asking for testing of our food and for transparent publication of all results. Not simply a bland “the results are below concern”, but scientific numbers so that “we-the- people” can make our own assessment of concern instead of a nuclear industry bought regulatory PR machine telling us “everything is okay”.

If you are considering conceiving a child, all of the above information is doubly important (see Dr. Caldicott’s article linked above) about the dangers of radiation to fetuses.

Link to Pacifica Radiation Station (San Francisco, California) with current readings. And remember, the mind of love and compassion is immune from radioactivity. I hope to see you soon. May all beings be healthy and happy. May the have clean water and nourishing food. May they be safe and protected. May they realize inner freedom.


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