Umtanum Canyon and Ridge

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Crossing the Yakima River footbridge on a crisp late winter morning.
At the trailhead sign, the trail forks, left ascends the ridge. We took the right fork and walked up the relatively flat canyon through willow, aspen, ponderosa pine and sagebrush. Many birds.
Beaver dam.

After walking about a mile, we turned left (south), heading off trail up a steep ridge.

We ascended up a steep draw between cliffs, with occasional talus underfoot.
One tricky section requires careful scrambling. From above, it looks more treacherous than it actually is – but you wouldn’t want to fall here!
New moon sets over Umtanum Ridge.
Looking back down and east towards the Yakima River Canyon.
Out into the sunshine again! Steep climbing.
My hiking partner, Dave.
The ridge top is still another 45 minutes of steady climbing. We followed a meandering boot track at times, but mostly opted to walk straight up the fall line, nature roaming in fine style.
Horizon opens up further on all sides the higher we ascend.
Stuart Range and the Enchantments to the NNW

Tahoma (Rainer) on the left. Pahto (Adams) on the right. Mount Hood was also clearly visible, with possible sightings of Mount St. Helens and Glacier Peak. 5 Volcanoes!



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