Wilderness Time Out

More climate disasters – locally the new tree ordinance doesn’t protect 99% of the few remaining large native trees in Seattle, while allowing developers to profit. More record heat and whiffs of wildfire smoke in the air. Globally, fires (Maui), heat waves (Europe), floods (New England). It’s a lot to take in and process and still remain emotionally functional. Self care is essential and that means taking time to step away to be with family or nature. Whether we are focused on parenting, school and work performance, healing ourself and our world, or all of the above, these tasks are impossible if we are constantly in overdrive, exhausting our physical and emotional energy, and consumed by mental afflictions like anger, fear, craving and so forth. I like to calm the mind and heart by going to the wilderness or giving on meditation retreat. Enjoy these pictures from my 19 mile hike in the Enchantments on Sunday. (hove mouse over individual images and click for high resolution).

4am – on the trail hiking up towards Colchuck Lake. New moon winking at us.
First views of Colchuck Lake as the sun just touching the high peaks.

just wow
Asgard Pass – our next destination.
Nanny goat foraging
looking back at Colchuck as we begin our ascent to the pass.
almost there!
breathtaking scenery
the first of many sparkling lakes

smooth granite with boulders everywhere. Vertical pole at center right horizon is a trail marker. Very helpful for navigation.
Hiking poles very helpful for balance
pure magic
Some people climb that! Makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

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