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Embracing the Darkness

The darkness is fully upon us, and I invite her in so that I can know her more intimately. The darkness is not only in the form of winter, cold, and COVID aloneness, but of human depravity and ignorance in the time of the great unraveling. Our human civilization has wandered far from the path …

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High Divide 9.20.2020

3:45 a.m. The Milky Way twinkles silently over head. Restless sleep in the back of Hotel Prius, but small admission price to pay for entrance into one of the last large tracts of wilderness left on the planet. I heat some oat meal in a pot next to the car and by 4:45 a.m., I …

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Skyline Mountain Meditation

To be a good acupuncture practitioner, it’s important to recharge and balance your energy from time to time. Fortunately, our planet still has wild places where the energies are pure and undisturbed.  I tried to capture that energy in this film that I made from a trip I made in Olympic National Park in late …

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Communichi Update August 2020

I am pleased to share that people are trickling back into the clinic, receiving acupuncture in a safe environment, leaving feeling more relaxed, with less pain, and perhaps more hope and energy to dive back into our collective planetary journey – making sense of this ever changing world, grieving the losses and injustices and collaborating …

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CommuniChi Update June 10, 2020

Dear Friends, Thank you for your patience as I work to reopen the clinic, taking care to balance public safety with the health and wellness needs of the community. Acupuncture and natural medicine are powerful tools for living in balance, free from disease.  Now more than ever, we need to come together and support one …

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CommuniChi Update May 6, 2020

One of my Buddhist teachers often quoted Voltaire: “Doubt is uncomfortable, but certainty is absurd”. Whether one is seeking an answer to the question of the presence of a supreme being or what the next moment will bring, in the end, different people will always come up with different answers. Accepting that reality brings great …

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CommuniChi Update – April 27, 2020

Dear Patrons and Friends, I hope this finds you joyful and at ease, remembering to breathe as you navigate whatever challenges the world lays at your feet. I miss seeing you all! Healing is a two way relationship. Engaging in service, helping others, dissolves the sense of separation between oneself and all life. It is …

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Building A Better World Starts Here and Now

In my last blog, I shared my experience of being abruptly pulled out of a silent retreat by COVID-19. I had intended to remain in silence for a month. Nonetheless, I felt fortunate to have participated in 12 days of rigorous spiritual exploration. Having been home for nearly a month and not having held an …

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Healing Ourselves, Our World, during COVID-19

Dear CommuniChi patrons and friends, We are living through an unprecedented time of uncertainty. Although CommuniChi has closed its doors until the COVID-19 public health emergency is over, I send prayers for your well being and offer these reflections for your physical/emotional health, and spiritual nourishment. And I invite your questions and concerns if I …

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Enhanced Public Health Protocols at CommuniChi

3.15.20 – UPDATE – COMMUNICHI CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE – will reassess in 2 weeks. Stay safe everyone. Minimize non-essential contact. Dear Friends and Patrons of CommuniChi, In this time of unprecedented public health challenge due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, acupuncture can be of great benefit in boosting the immune system and thereby protecting …

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