Balanced Perspective

Thanksgiving 2018. A holiday founded on colonialism and genocide, repurposed to allow gratitude and connection – with family, community, and all life.  As I turn the compost pile in the front yard, a neighbor walks to her car beneath a sunny Seattle morning sky with double rainbows. “Happy Thanksgiving Jordan”.  Returning the perfunctory greeting, I am aware of the deep inner conflict and discomfort at any hint of celebration over a holiday which – for some – symbolizes the beginning of a centuries long European assault upon indigenous peoples in America, which...

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No Hopes or Fears

Hope. I know, the word has been tarnished through overuse and politicization. But I still like it and hereby reclaim it. And we need it desperately. I have some to offer: In recent months, I’ve seen a large uptick in fear based narratives on social media – reports that many well known scientists, including Stephen Hawking, foresee the breakdown in modern civilization happening soon. And then there’s the constant stream of news out of the nation’s capitol where our so-called leaders are reversing protections for the the working class, immigrants, women, national parks,...

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Acupuncture and Climate Change

Avid readers of my blog may notice that I do not often write about acupuncture.  Here’s my annual paragraph: Acupuncture works. It’s relatively painless, safe, and offers effective, non-pharmaceutical relief for hundreds of different conditions. As a licensed practitioner of acupuncture for 18 years and the founder of Washington state’s first low cost sliding scale clinic, it would be my honor to serve you. My web page offers a wealth of information on the philosophy and practical applications of acupuncture. Or just make an appointment and start feeling better now. There, done. Now to the...

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Break Free

Last week I took a day off work in order to attend a 3-day event called Break Free. Organized by dozens of climate action groups, labor, indigenous people and social justice activists mobilizing simultaneously on six continents around the globe, the intention was to catalyze an urgently needed conversation focused on transitioning from a fossil fuel based economy to a sustainable, renewable energy economy.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, activists converged on Anacortes, Washington, site of the Shell and Tesoro oil refineries, representing the oldest, and largest point source of carbon...

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Waking Up From Our Fossil Fuel Coma

Twenty seven years ago today I heard the news. The Exxon Valdez had run aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska, spilling hundreds of thousands of tons of crude oil in a pristine wilderness, poisoning life in one of the last large unspoiled ecosystems in our world.  The captain of the ship was legally drunk at the time. A painfully ironic parallel exists in that our present day fossil fuel addicted economy lurches and staggers towards disaster, with oil executives and shareholders binging on corporate profits, steering humanity way off a sustainable course and headed for a proverbial Bligh...

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Climate Change Birthday Party

My daughter is turning thirteen. Tasked with the challenge of hosting a birthday party for a gang of tech-savvy, prematurely jaded teens, I contemplated my options: Ignore the elephant in the room (climate change) and seek out the latest chocolate coated thrill such as indoor skydiving, replete with made in China last minute birthday gifts from the mall? Or attempt the potentially contentious path of mixing old fashioned outdoor fun with a teaspoon of reality, (quietly) calling attention to just how precarious Mother Nature’s health is these days? With schools generally choosing not to...

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