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What is “Energy Healing?”

“My own awareness of mind suffices for all the books and teachings.” Milarepa This is a longer version of a post on “Energy Healing” that I wrote one year ago.  After more than half a lifetime of studying and practicing acupuncture and allied healing modalities, it felt like the right time to write my own […]

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Light at the End of the Tunnel – A Healing Journey

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Chinese Medicine and Allergies

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Allergies Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine is always understood in the context of an inter-relationship between the external environment and the internal health of the person – body and mind. External factors like excess heat, dryness, damp, wind, cold, pollen, smoke, dust, chemicals in the environment and certain foods can become

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Mental health recharge (March 17-22)

The world never stops but we can at any time. I do every day – snatching a quiet reflective breath whenever I think of it, or perhaps 20 minutes before breakfast. But sometimes, it is good to take more time, to go deeper, to spend time with your loved ones so that relationships are fresh and alive and not running on AI.

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Purification by Water and Light

Gratitude to all teachers, friends, and acupuncture clients for being a part of my life. Gratitude to the land, and the indigenous tribes of the Salish Sea for their wisdom and guidance in the challenging times ahead. Gratitude to the air, water, earth, sun and spirit. I look forward to seeing and serving you in

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Spring 2022 Clinic Update – Advice for Difficult Times

Happy spring! As of this blog post, the rate of COVID-19 transmission is labeled “low” by King County Department of Health,  with only 53.5 new cases per 100,000 residents in the past 7 days.  While there have been reports of new variants posing a threat in various parts of the world, these threats haven’t manifested

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Please Wear a KN95 Mask or Double Mask

COVID cases are dropping fast in King County – 50% decrease over the past 7 days (see graph below), but transmission levels are still considered high. A recent article in the Washington Post reported on a study which showed the effectiveness of wearing a KN95 mask in offering “the best chance of avoiding infection”.   Please

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CommuniChi Spring 2021 Updates

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Communichi Update August 2020

I am pleased to share that people are trickling back into the clinic, receiving acupuncture in a safe environment, leaving feeling more relaxed, with less pain, and perhaps more hope and energy to dive back into our collective planetary journey – making sense of this ever changing world, grieving the losses and injustices and collaborating

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CommuniChi Update June 10, 2020

Dear Friends, Thank you for your patience as I work to reopen the clinic, taking care to balance public safety with the health and wellness needs of the community. Acupuncture and natural medicine are powerful tools for living in balance, free from disease.  Now more than ever, we need to come together and support one

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