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Skyline 2021

Only a month ago, after a 2 day hike out to 3 Prune Lake and back (~22 miles), which brought up health challenges, I decided to return to the same beautiful area of Olympic National Park in order to complete the Skyline loop. Our planned itinerary was out the Big Creek Trail to Three Prune …

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CommuniChi Spring 2021 Updates

I haven’t written for a while, so I wanted to share an update on the clinic, and other actions I’ve been involved with. The clinic is open and I am safely seeing clients in a socially distanced manner. That’s it for the clinic update! If you’re on information overload and just want to skip to …

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Responding to Violence with Love Instead of Fear

I can only dimly imagine what it must have been like for our elected Congressional representatives on January 6, 2021, ordered to lie on the floor and prepare to don a gas mask, with the sounds of gunfire and an racist armed mob echoing in the cavernous hallways of the US Capitol building. I think …

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