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Reason to Celebrate

Another year fades to memories and dust. As usual, a handful of rich and famous people died. Millions more ordinary (not famous, obscure, or forgotten) people joined or preceded them. Fortunately, you and I are not in either group, so if you are still at a loss for reasons to celebrate on New Year’s eve, this alone should be at the top of your list: You are alive! I pause from tapping at the keyboard to stare out the window at the trees, empty of their greenery, and at the dull, leaden sky that seems to define a Seattle winter for so many.  A seagull passes, but for the most part, there is...

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Grace Under Fire, the Path of Peaceful Service

“Everything is delicately balanced on the tip of the present moment.” “That’s true”, my mom softly replied from her hospital bed, staring straight up at the ceiling with a gaze that suggested her consciousness was exploring the edges between this world and the next. Helping her navigate away from the shoals of despair and isolation which lurked seemingly just around the corner of every beeping monitor, I invited her into a familiar recitation of my grammar school essay which she kept for more than half a century, tucked away in a folder of keepsakes :...

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The Path Ahead

It’s 10:00 p.m. Pacific standard time on election eve, and it looks like we are in for a long four years ahead. I suggest we all take a deep breath and remember our true power does not stem from the White House or the Congress, whoever is elected. True power and freedom exists within each one of us. That is the gentle reminder I offer to everyone who visits me at CommuniChi, my acupuncture clinic, to my family and friends, and to those I meet on the street or in the social media sphere. It is the prayer I place on the tip of every acupuncture needle. Now more than ever, each one of us...

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Seattle Smart Meter Update October 2016

October 21, 2016 Less than two years ago, I made a $30,000 investment in solar power for my home, trying to be a good citizen and to do what’s right for the world in the age of climate change, and also, doing right for Seattle by mitigating City Light’s need to purchase expensive power on the open market during peak power usage periods. Yesterday, Dan Langdon (206-727-8777) at Seattle City Light informed me that my participation in the solar net metering program makes me ineligible to opt out of their impending “smart” meter rollout. Why? The short answer is that it’s simply not...

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Vote 2016

Sunday, October 2.  On the road at 6:00 a.m, driving east on Highway 2, taking in the promise of a new day as the Cascade Range climbs higher into my field of vision.  The further from Seattle I travel, the more I see oversized yard signs pledging to “Make America Great Again”, as if I am in a dystopian nightmare. This is no nightmare though, but the world I live in, the here and now. Just after sunrise, I reach the trail head. There are no other cars. I shoulder my pack and start walking the 3.7 miles and 2200 vertical feet towards Beckler Peak, a 5000 foot knob of granite on...

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Volunteerism: Path to Peace and Freedom

Years ago, one of my teachers related an incident when she walked into a New Age bookstore and glanced at a magazine rack. A title called “Self” jumped out and it reminded her of how obsessed our egos are with our perceived separate identities.  (Aside – “Self”magazine could rightly be renamed as “How to Get Flat Abs” as that topic seems to be the focus of every issue). Modern materialistic humans are obsessed with their bodies, stories, desires, experiences, plans, fantasies.  Why though, my teacher asked, why don’t we see a magazine called...

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