Citizen Diplomacy – Knowledge Exchange

We both agreed about the importance of smiling, not just with the mouth, but with the eyes, the windows of the spirit. That is where true healing begins and ends.

Volunteerism: Path to Peace and Freedom

How we perceive the world depends upon the stories slide5that we tell ourselves and that depends in large measure upon the stories that we read, hear, and the stories that we create and live in our daily lives. If our stories have kindness and compassion around every corner, then that is the world we will live in, and we will automatically sleep better, experience less depression and anxiety, and feel happier and more peaceful.

Acupuncture and Climate Change

As a health care professional, I believe that anyone working in this field has a moral responsibility to educate their patients about climate change. It’s not simply a matter of doing the right thing, but letting people know that their health is already being directly affected by climate change. If we think that government will “fix the problem”, we ignore the structural obstacles preventing a top-down government fix.

Lessons from Oso

A few days after a million tons of mud, stone, and wood slid down a steep hillside above Oso, claiming 36 lives (8 still missing) and burying a square mile of land up to 65 feet deep, Dr. Bill Wulsin phoned me and invited me to leap into action. I had just finished my final exams and was comfortably at ease, like a surfer drifting on the ocean between sets, waiting for the next group of waves to arrive. There it was and it was a big one.

The Fallacy of Charging What You are Worth

It is a hazardous undertaking to one’s integrity, attempting to monetize health care in a world of distorted values where many individuals can not afford to get the health care they need.

Acupuncture Midwifery – Birthing a New World

It is not uncommon for a six or eight or ten people from all different cultures, races, ethnicities, gender identities, and other diversity markers – invisibly merging healing energy into a super-powered bubble of global healing radiating out from one little room on Beacon Hill that faces east towards the Cascade Mountains, and back again into everyone’s heart. Identities and barriers which separate people from each other – and all life – begin to break down. It’s an extraordinary event to witness and at times, I feel like I am a midwife to the birth of something huge – a healing evolution on planet Earth bringing forth the next cosmic age.

Flying Yaks and Other Versions of Reality

1. Healthy children, families, communities, and ecological systems are the true measure of real wealth. 2. Mutual caring and support are the primary currency of healthy families and communities, and community is the key to economic security. (David Korten)

Stepping into the Circle of Healing

We were all born on this planet from mothers. We all share the same basic need for love, affection, food, clothing, clean water, shelter, and other requisites of survival. Without the love of our mothers, we wouldn’t be here. Without the food that farmers grow, we wouldn’t be here. Without the houses, roads, schools, transportation systems, technological discoveries and inventions and, importantly, without the wisdom of our elders, we might still be here, but things would be very different, probably a lot more difficult. Independence is – in a spiritual sense – quite at variance from the truth of reality.

Taking and Giving

“All my life, I was a taker. I spent twenty years in prison. It was scary, but one day, I decided to become a giver instead. I didn’t have much to give, but I figured if I shared what I had, God would take care of the rest. Everything I’ve given has come back to me many times over.”

World Peace Happens One Mind Moment at a Time

One of the gifts of acupuncture is to bring that essential aliveness into focus – beyond all conceptual filters. We simply feel awake, renewed, fresh, a child of humanity. Separation between self and other vanishes and global healing, world peace, dawns in that very moment.

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